Building Skills for a Safe Workplace: Competency Management at Keyera Energy

The Conference Board of Canada, 7 pages, October 27, 2009
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The Organizational Effectiveness and Learning case studies examine outstanding education and lifelong learning programs and initiatives. This case study addresses the impact of workplace literacy and essential skills on workplace health and safety.

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To provide a safe and healthy work environment, Keyera undertook to develop the Competency Management and Development System (CMDS), which ensures that workers understand their job requirements and maintain a continuous and credible record of achieved skills. This online system is designed to be competency-based, skill-profile oriented, and third-party audited to comply with the requirements of due diligence. While the focus of the CMDS is industrial training, it also addresses such essential skills as reading and writing, computer literacy, interpersonal relations, and teamwork capabilities. The greatest accomplishment of the CMDS has been a competent and well-trained workforce, which resulted in steady productivity growth and safe company operation.

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