Big Gains With Small Partners: What MNCs Look For in Their SME Suppliers

The Conference Board of Canada, 35 pages, July 20, 2009
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Insights about best practices for multinational corporations in partnering with small- and medium-sized enterprise suppliers and how to manage supplier relationships for the benefit of both the lead firm and its suppliers.

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The success of multinational corporations (MNCs) increasingly hinges on the strength and vitality of their global value chains. In today’s world of integrative trade, leading MNCs recognize that building an effective value chain involves forging stable and sustainable relationships with high-performance suppliers who have the ability to make substantial contributions to everything from product design to customer service. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often well positioned to make such contributions. Working with SMEs can help MNCs to increase productivity, drive innovation, access talent and markets, adapt to changing conditions, and more.

This report examines what MNCs look for in their SME suppliers, what they can do to strengthen partnerships, and what SMEs should focus on to strengthen their value proposition.

This report was produced by the Conference Board’s International Trade and Investment Centre that examines the implications of global economic dynamics for Canadian business and governments leaders. Learn more about the Centre

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