Renewing Immigration: Towards a Convergence and Consolidation of Canada’s Immigration Policies and Systems

The Conference Board of Canada, 67 pages, October 24, 2008
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Immigration is one strategy to alleviate Canada’s skilled labour shortage, but international competition is intense. This report analyzes Canada’s immigration policies and systems within the global context and offers suggestions for the future.

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With falling fertility rates and the aging of the “baby boom” generation, the supply of skilled and productive workers is in decline across Canada and around the developed world. Immigration is one strategy for alleviating this shortage, but the competition for international talent is intensifying. Those countries that best adjust their immigration programs to meet the needs of employers, immigrants, and communities will fare the best.

This report analyzes the nature and extent of changes taking place in Canada’s immigration policies and systems. It contextualizes the global competition for talent and provides a perspective on key issues, trends, and implications. By way of case study, the report looks at Canada’s immigration system through the lens of Canadian businesses and industry sectors and offers insights into how the permanent and temporary programs are meeting the needs of employers and immigrants. It also offers suggestions to encourage and promote the development of effective and timely future immigration policy.

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