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Latest Research

Job losses recouped, wages continue hot streak

The Canadian economy kicked off the new year with net job creation of 34,500 in the month of January. While this is relatively mild growth in the context of the last year, it restores employment levels after they took a significant dip in November. Year-over-year employment growth remains solid and the unemployment rate edged closer to its all time low.

Quick take—5 minute read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Canadian outlook summary: Winter 2020

The headline story about the economy over the past few months has been the likelihood of a recession in the coming year. Global growth slowed as the trade war between China and the U.S. escalated, and this has driven fears that Canada—a country that is highly dependent on trade—could be on the brink of recession.

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

All on board: Turning evidence into action for women’s leadership

The challenge--More women hold senior leadership positions in Canada now than ever before—but progress has been slow. Equitable, inclusive, and diverse leadership is not only good for business, it's also the right thing to do. But the lack of women and members of other equity groups in senior leadership positions suggests we are failing to foster diverse and inclusive environments in Canadian workplaces.

Webpage—February 11, 2020

Labour relations outlook 2020

Organizations are at their strongest when they understand what can be expected at the bargaining table. This report outlines employers’ and unions’ key priorities going into negotiations for 2020. It provides an outlook on the top issues parties will bring to the table, and suggests ways in which unions and employers can work together to face upcoming challenges head-on. .