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Executive Networks

Quality Network for Universities

The Quality Network for Universities (QNU) brings together provosts and vice-presidents from across the country with responsibilities across university administration, including research, finance and operations, academics, and student affairs. It offers learning, dialogue, and best-practice exchanges around critical strategic issues facing today’s universities.

By hearing from experts and leaders in other sectors, pooling experience, and debating alternatives, members gain fresh insights, identify new strategies, and avoid costly mistakes in addressing the unique challenges faced by our universities.

Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration

The Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration (LRI) is an executive network that brings together three key stakeholder groups: business leaders and executives, government leaders and officials, and experts and practitioners from the regulatory community, immigrant-serving organizations, post-secondary institutions, law, and more.

The objective of the Roundtable is to make immigration work for businesses, communities, and newcomers, in the short term and long term by:

  • improving responsiveness to employer needs;
  • ensuring that Canada attracts immigrants with needed skills;
  • supporting initiatives to attract, integrate, and retain immigrants into workplaces and communities;
  • supporting immigrant-led efforts to ensure that newcomers reach their full potential in Canada’s economy and society.


Education and Skills Symposium 2018

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