How to Effectively Navigate and Manage Technology-Driven Change

The Conference Board of Canada, March 20, 2015
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The Conference Board’s Annual How Canada Performs Report Card ranks the country on a number of factors, and compares those scores to others worldwide. While Canada performs well in many areas, our track record on productivity growth in recent decades has been dismal, achieving grades of “C” or “D” relative to international peers. In fact, Canada has consistently ranked near the bottom of 16 countries assessed for nearly two decades. One reason for Canada’s weak performance on innovation and productivity is the poor uptake of productivity-enhancing digital technologies by Canadian firms, especially SMEs. Overall, Canada achieves a grade of “D” and ranks 8th of 15 peer countries on ICT investment. Why do Canadian firms lag on ICT investment? And what can be done to stimulate more and increase innovation nationwide?

Webinar Highlights

This recorded webinar will shed light on Canada’s lack of innovation, and what can be done to address the issues. In this 60 minute session, we will:

  • Share insights from a recent Conference Board of Canada report on Effectively Navigating and Managing Technology-Driven Change.
  • Explore the reasons for Canada’s lagging innovation, productivity, and ICT adoption performance and why it matters both to the economy and firms.
  • Share insights from a series of workshops conducted by the Conference Board with SMEs, and technology and change management experts to understand barriers and approaches to adopting digital technologies.
  • Discuss the challenges SMEs and other firms face in selecting, implementing and benefitting from new technologies and in managing technology-driven change.
  • Share solutions and strategies being pursued by Canadian and international SMEs to improve technology adoption and implementation.

About Daniel

Photo of Daniel MunroDaniel Munro is a Principal Research Associate in Public Policy at The Conference Board of Canada, and Lecturer in Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. Prior to joining the Public Policy group, Daniel worked for the Conference Board’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education, Centre for Business Innovation, and Industry and Business Strategy division.

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