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Our Staff

Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart
Director, National Forecast

Matthew Stewart oversees The Conference Board of Canada’s Outlook publication, a quarterly report on Canada’s economy, our Fiscal Snapshot reports, a review of the finances and budget of each province, and the Canadian long-term Economic Outlook.

Matthew’s custom research work ranges from determining the economic impact of a carbon tax and the cost of achieving Canada’s Paris commitment to a supply and demand model for physicians based on risk factors, disease incidence, prevalence and mortality.

Matthew has a M.A. (Economics) from McMaster University and a B.A. (Honours Economics) from The University of Western Ontario.

Alicia Macdonald
Alicia Macdonald
Principal Economist, National Forecast

Alicia Macdonald works for the Conference Board's national forecasting team with a focus on custom economic analysis, financial markets and the government sector. Alicia joined the Conference Board in 2004 after working at the Bank of Canada's regional office in Vancouver. Alicia has worked on a number of research projects that have examined economic impact scenarios across a range of sectors at both the national and provincial level. In the past, Alicia was also responsible for Canadian labour markets, housing markets, consumer expenditures and the Consumer Confidence survey.

Alicia has an MA in economics from the University of Victoria and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from Lakehead University.

Doris Chu
Doris Chu
Senior Economist, National Forecast

Doris Chu joined the Conference Board in 1994 as part of the provincial group where she was responsible for forecasting the economies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia. In 1999, Doris joined the national forecasting team and has since been responsible for forecasting international trade and costs and prices. In addition, she works on finance research projects specializing in labour markets.

Prior to joining the Board, Doris worked at the Bank of Canada for two years as a research assistant in the Department of Monetary and Financial Analysis.

Doris earned her M.A. in economics from the University of Toronto and her B.A. from Queen’s University.

Daniel Fields
Daniel Fields
Senior Economist, National Forecast

Daniel joined the National Economic Forecast team in 2013. His key responsibilities include monitoring the fiscal situation within the various levels of government and contributing to a wide variety of ongoing fiscal projects such as the Fiscal Snapshots Series. These reports look at the current condition of provincial economics and their government's fiscal challenges by providing a short- and medium term outlook in areas such as tax revenue and federal transfers as well as spending in key categories such as health care and education. This analysis feeds into the provincial forecast, where Daniel completes the output forecast for government spending. Daniel also completes the outlook for Prince Edward Island.

Daniel received his M.A. in economics from Queen's University, and also holds a B.Math. in economics and statistics from Carleton University.

Robyn Gibbard
Robyn Gibbard
Economist, National Forecast

Robyn Gibbard is an economist in the Conference Board of Canada's National Forecast and Custom Analysis division. He works primarily on custom research for clients and also contributes to the division's regular analysis. Examples of past projects Robyn has worked on include economic analysis for government departments, the Manitoba fiscal snapshot, and the Canadian Economic Month at a Glance.

Robyn holds an MA in economics from Simon Fraser University, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in economics from Carleton University, and a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management in Social Policy from Carleton University. Prior to joining the Conference Board, Robyn worked in law and in politics.

Cory Renner
Cory Renner
Economist, Industrial Economic Trends

Cory Renner joined the Conference Board of Canada in 2016 as an Economist within the Industrial Economic Trends group. He is responsible for the forecast, research and analysis of several industries as well as contributing to the Leading Indicator of Industrial Profitability. Before joining the Conference Board, Cory spent time as a financial analyst at Canadian Pacific Railway, where he did analysis on the costs of rail shipments across Canada and the U.S.

Cory holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Mathematics from Western University, as we all as a Master's of Science degree in Economics with a focus in Econometrics and Statistics from the University of Bonn in Germany.


GDP (%)
February  2019, CANSIM

Projected GDP Growth (%)
Q1 2019, CBoC

Employment, Canada
February 2019, CANSIM

Projected Employment Growth
Q1 2019, CBoC

Merchandise Exports (%)
February 2019, CANSIM

Overnight Rate
 April 2019, BoC

CPI (%, YoY)
April 2019, CANSIM

Building Permits (%, YoY)
February 2019, CANSIM

Retail Sales (%)
February 2019, CANSIM

Consumer confidence
November 2019, CBoC

Business Confidence
Q3 2019, CBoC

Leading Index
March 2019, CBoC

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