Addressing Employee Absences: Strategies and Best Practices for Canadian Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada, September 22, 2016
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There are different factors that affect absences. Organizations can influence some of these, such as work environment and sick leave policies. However, others are more out of the organization’s control. We know that workplace absences cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars each year in lost productivity. So how can organizations foster a healthy work environment and help reduce preventable absences?

The Conference Board of Canada has just released a new briefing, Addressing Employee Absences: A Look at Absence Management in Canadian Organization that benchmarks absence rates, the programs in place and strategies, and steps that organizations need to take to address absenteeism.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute webinar, report author Nicole Stewart will review key findings from her research and detail best practices for Absenteeism policies amongst Canadian organizations. You’ll get the story behind the numbers as Nicole discusses:

  • Current organizational practices and strategies in absence management
  • Sick leave and short-and long-term disability benefits
  • The cost of providing absence and disability benefits
  • How organizations can address absenteeism concerns

About Nicole

Photo of Nicole StewartNicole Stewart is a Senior Research Associate with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. In her 10 years at the Board Nicole has focused her research on the areas of compensation, benefits, pensions, recognition, and performance management.

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