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Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk and Governance - September 2010

The Conference Board of Canada, 22 pages, September 13, 2010
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This tri-annual journal presents original articles by leading global thinkers and practitioners on risk management and corporate governance. Authors have a mandate to express opinions and ideas that test readers’ assumptions about these two disciplines.

Document Highlights

Risk Watch is a tri-annual journal devoted to informing and provoking discussion on risk management and corporate governance. In this inaugural issue, five leading thinkers provide their views on the risk challenges and issues facing boards of directors and management today.

  • Christopher Eaton provides an overview and questions that boards and management can ask to gain a better understanding of how strategy and risk should be integrated.
  • Felix Kloman describes what happens when sound risk management counsel is ignored, and he suggests ways to combat our natural instinct to ignore the obvious. José Tabuena explores ways of managing “grey swans”—those pervasive and dangerous risks we often ignore until it is too late.
  • Cathy Taylor reveals the tell-tale signs of the complacency trap and how organizations can avoid it.
  • Leslie Thompson provides insights into how organizations can strike the right balance of risk awareness and risk intelligence.