Learning and Development Outlook 2009: Learning in Tough Times

The Conference Board of Canada, 72 pages, August 11, 2009
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Organizations are trimming employee training opportunities—perhaps partly because Canadian organizations are learning more informally than in the past. This report includes benchmarks that organizations can use to measure their own training functions.

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Learning and Development Outlook 2009, the 10th edition of this study, found in its recent survey that Canadian organizations are cutting back on investment in employee training, learning, and development. Despite the uncertain economic situation, development of workers is necessary in remaining competitive, especially considering skills shortages and Canada’s aging and diverse labour force. Two-thirds of full-time employees were given training in 2008, but this was unevenly allocated, depending on region and employees’ age and role within their organization. Perhaps a reason for this declining level of investment is that Canadian organizations are now learning more informally. Respondents indicated that more than half of the learning in their organizations occurred informally in 2008, up significantly from previous surveys. This report includes benchmarks that organizations can use to measure their own training functions, as well as a discussion on the trends affecting learning and development in workplaces across Canada.

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