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Hot Topics in Organizational Excellence

Sense-Making With Strategic Foresight: Scanning for Future Disruptions

  • MacKenzie Thorne
| Jul 03, 2018
Making sense of the interdependencies within complex social systems is not a skill that is readily taught in traditional academia, but our organizations can get blindsided when we lack mechanisms to anticipate and adapt to disruptive change.

BlackRock CEO Re-defines the Role of Business in Society

  • Sally Crane
| Jan 22, 2018
Delivering financial performance alone is no longer enough. There are increasing demands on the business sector to tackle societal challenges too.

Tax Changes Likely to Create Unintended Fallout for Family Enterprises

| Sep 06, 2017

Six Things Not-for-Profit Leaders Should Think About in 2017

| Jan 09, 2017

Integrating Sustainability into Your Organization

| Nov 08, 2016

Public Sector Social Media: Five Key Insights

| Jul 11, 2016

Assessing Your Innovation Skills Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

| Jan 29, 2016

Building an Innovative Team: Leveraging Diversity for High-Performance Results

| Nov 26, 2015

Social Impact Storytelling: Moving From Emotion to Action

| Oct 16, 2015

Canada’s Competitiveness Performance: Cautious Optimism, but Room for Improvement

| Sep 29, 2015

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