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Core inflation inches up

Overall inflation held steady in September. All three of the Bank of Canada’s measures of core inflation inched up last month. With the core price growth holding firm, the Bank of Canada is not expected to cut interest rates this year.

Canadian economics
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Canadian outlook executive summary

After two quarters of subpar growth, the Canadian economy posted a remarkable gain in the second quarter of 2019. While the headline number was noteworthy, the specific details in the report from Statistics Canada indicate that the performance was far less encouraging.

Canadian economics
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Compensation planning outlook 2020: A sneak preview

A sneak preview on compensation plans for 2020. Get key findings based on survey data provided by organizations across Canada. Preparing you for compensation plans for 2020.

Human resources
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Foreign national influence: Persistent, political and personal.

You might recall the #TrudeauMustGo tweet that made headlines in July. Perhaps you heard about the highly critical Google News-promoted story from Advocator.ca. These two events have something in common: they’re both cyber threats. .

Innovation & Technology
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