Understanding the Potential of Blockchain: A Focus on Privacy and Security

The Conference Board of Canada, August 23, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Drawing of multifaceted chain links with 1s and 0s behind it

Blockchain technology is becoming more popular as individuals and enterprises are starting to understand the opportunities that come with it. As we enter into a more data reliant world, transparency, trace-ability and security are just a few advantages that blockchain can provide. We are seeing blockchain transform the supply chain industry, store important information such as medical records, and even transform the way in which the financial systems work.

Webinar Highlights

Despite advancements in many sectors we haven't seen the full potential of blockchain, but the technology is constantly advancing. New protocols actively consider the privacy and security of each stakeholder, making blockchain a promising way forward in a landscape riddled with cyber security threats and other emerging technologies. What exactly are the privacy and security implications to consider with blockchain? How do these risks compare to “traditional” cyber security and privacy threats? This 60-minute webinar will explore the evolution of blockchain technology with an eye towards the future: what we can expect as blockchain continues to progress?

About Matt

Photo of Matt HinkleyMatt Hinkley is the Cryptocurrency Lead in PwC Canada’s Emerging Technology Assurance Practice. He has been on the front line of financial innovation for many years working within the Alternative Finance industry in Europe helping establish Regulation into Equity Crowdfunding models, and being a major part in building Europe’s largest online business finance brokerage.

Matt has a vast amount of experience in the industry economics and influence around cryptocurrencies having been studying and trading within the industry for many years. Matt now works with organizations utilizing the blockchain to advise on capital raises through ICO, build risk framework mechanisms and provide overall strategic advisory within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

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