Supports for success: Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada’s northern and remote communities

Entrepreneurs in Canada’s remote communities represent a potentially vital catalyst for local innovation and community economic development. There are many sources of funding, technical advice...

CBoC, September 4, 2019

Potential economic reconciliation of Indigenous-industry relationships

Canadian sectors and organizations have a genuine opportunity to improve relationships with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people across the country...

Stefan Fournier and Candice Shaw, June 17, 2019

The threat of climate change to property and infrastructure has become increasingly apparent to Canadians. This is an urgent reality faced by many of Canada’s remote northern communities.

Working together: Indigenous recruitment and retention in remote Canada

Understanding the unique barriers to employment that Indigenous people face in remote regions, including a lack of education and training opportunities....

CBoC, March 9, 2019

Indigenous Recruitment & Retention

The report identifies persistent challenges that employers and Indigenous employees continue to face and highlights…

Adam Fiser, March 6, 2019

Employment Challenges in Canada’s North

Employers in Northern and remote regions often struggle to recruit and retain local employees. At the same time, Indigenous people face persistent challenges in finding stable employment.

News Release, March 28, 2019

Solutions to Sustain Canada’s Labour Force

Baby boomers, Canada’s most dominant cohort, are retiring, leaving a hole in Canada’s labour force. Boosting the participation rates of under-represented groups such as Indigenous peoples could help fill this hole.

Kareem El-Assal, January 15, 2019

Revolutionary Building for the North

There's interest in using 3D printing for housing production. If construction challenges are addressed, 3D-printed homes could make a meaningful impact in the North.

Ken Coates & Carin Holroyd, November 29, 2018

Territorial Outlook Economic Forecast

The Territorial Outlook provides the economic and fiscal outlook for each of Canada’s three Northern territories, including output by industry, labour markets, and demographics.

CBoC, November 15, 2018

Youth & Natural Resources Development

Canada’s natural resource sector increasingly relies on complex relationships between key groups. Hear about the discussion at the 2017 Our Land, Our Future summit, the first national summit to listen to the perspectives of Indigenous youth on natural resource development.

Cameron MacLaine, October 18, 2018

Crown–Indigenous Resource Revenue Sharing

Ontario announced that it has signed resource revenue sharing agreements with 32 First Nations communities. Revenue sharing can provide Indigenous communities with revenue that can support important community objectives.

Jason Gauthier, October 16, 2018