Developing Partnership Capacity: The Rewards of Effective Business-Aboriginal Partnerships

The Conference Board of Canada, 78 pages, October 31, 2015
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Developing Capacity explores the economic and social benefits of partnerships between First Nations and Métis communities and industry, challenges to overcome, areas where more capacity development is needed, and recommendations for key stakeholders.

Document Highlights

Many businesses in Saskatchewan are achieving success by working together with First Nations and Métis communities. Economic development on or near these communities has the potential to benefit Aboriginal communities, firms, and the entire province. Leaders from across the province are working together to ensure that the province’s First Nations and Métis populations become active participants in every part of the economy.

This report demonstrates why First Nations and Métis communities and the firms seeking to partner with them should develop the capacity to build mutually beneficial and effective partnerships. It also highlights challenges to overcome and areas where further capacity development needs to take place, and provides recommendations for key stakeholders.

Saskatchewan has some outstanding examples of Aboriginal-business partnerships. Future capacity building, as envisaged in this report, will further enhance the province’s reputation for making the most of the potential that partnerships offer to businesses and Aboriginal people.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Developing Partnership Capacity: The Rewards of Effective Business–Aboriginal Partnerships

Chapter 1—Saskatchewan’s Opportunity for Leadership in Capacity Development

  • Making the Business Case for Capacity Development
  • Capacity Development Defined
  • Achieving Full and Meaningful Aboriginal Engagement
  • Understanding Saskatchewan’s Economic Advantage
  • Capitalizing on Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges
  • Seizing Saskatchewan’s Leadership Opportunity

Chapter 2—The Case for Investment by Firms and Aboriginal Communities

  • Setting the Stage for Economic Engagement
  • Saskatchewan’s Public Policy Challenge
  • Access Challenges
  • Aboriginal People and the Mining Industry
  • The Economic Stakes
  • Social Transformation

Chapter 3—Understanding the Barriers to Capacity Development Partnerships

  • Identifying Capacity Needs
  • Actions Aboriginal Communities Have Taken to Work More Effectively with Firms
  • Actions Firms Have Taken to Work More Effectively with Aboriginal Communities
  • What Still Needs to Be Done?

Chapter 4—Effective Practices in Capacity Building

  • Saskatchewan Successes
  • Recommendations for Action

Appendix A—Recommendations for Action Summary

Appendix B—Key Informant Interviews

Appendix C—Bibliography

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