Mapping the Economic Potential of Canada’s North

The Conference Board of Canada, 80 pages, December 15, 2010
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What economic potential exists in the North, in which sectors, and where? This report attempts to answer these questions by looking at the North’s key industries.

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Understanding the economic potential of Canada’s North is limited in its current status. The primary goal of Mapping the Economic Potential of Canada’s North is to develop an overall view of the future economic potential of Canada’s North. In other words, what economic potential does exist, in which sectors, and where?

The report examines closely seven key industries and their current economic contribution to the North. It looks at the supply and demand for each industry, as well as supporting and constraining factors that will impact their future development. The seven key industries are separated into primary industries, enabling industries, and potentially emerging industries.

This work is part of a foundational series of studies undertaken on behalf of The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for the North and is meant to provide a “launch pad” for further inquiry into the future economic development potential of the North.

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