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Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart
Director, National Forecast

Matthew Stewart oversees The Conference Board of Canada’s Outlook publication, a quarterly report on Canada’s economy, our Fiscal Snapshot reports, a review of the finances and budget of each province, and the Canadian long-term Economic Outlook.

Matthew’s custom research work ranges from determining the economic impact of a carbon tax and the cost of achieving Canada’s Paris commitment to a supply and demand model for physicians based on risk factors, disease incidence, prevalence and mortality.

Matthew has a M.A. (Economics) from McMaster University and a B.A. (Honours Economics) from The University of Western Ontario.

Julie Adès
Julie Adès
Senior Economist, Global Commerce Centre

Julie Adès is a Senior Economist and contributes to research on global trade and investment as part of the Conference Board of Canada's Global Commerce Centre.

Prior to joining the Global Commerce Centre, Julie spent several years within the Conference Board's national forecasting team working on the medium and long-term outlooks of the Canadian economy, focussing on the labour market, housing market, household spending, income and demographic variables. Since joining the Conference Board in 2008, she has helped to develop and maintain the Board's national economic forecasting model, conducted economic impact and tax benchmarking analyses, and worked on various custom research projects. As part of an international aid program, Julie also delivered a course on economic modelling with a focus on exports for government employees in Indonesia.

Before joining the Conference Board, Julie was an intern-economist at the Sustainable Development Department of Gaz Metro, where she focused on the study of economic tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Julie Adès holds a M.A. in economics from Laval University where she specialized in natural resources and environmental economics and a B.A. with great distinction in economics, management and international relations from McGill University.

Sheila Rao
Sheila Rao
Principal Economist

Sheila Rao is the Manager of the Conference Board’s annual flagship report, How Canada Performs, a multi-year research program designed to help identify relative strengths and weaknesses in Canada’s socio-economic performance. Sheila has also been involved in international projects, assisting the Ukrainian governments at both the federal and municipal level in developing strategic economic development plans.

Ms. Rao authored a paper on the BRIC economies and presented the report findings to the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Other projects she has worked on include: a study on the Western provinces’ productivity and competitiveness; a report on supply chains for the International Trade and Investment Centre (ITIC); and a study on public-private research collaborations. Sheila has also contributed to research for the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC). Ms. Rao has had a number of speaking engagements; having presented findings from her various projects to The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and International Trade; the Library of Parliament; and advisory committees in each of the Western provinces.

Prior to joining the Conference Board, Sheila completed her MBA at McGill University. Ms. Rao holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from Queen’s University and earlier in her career she worked in the high-tech industry at Alcatel and General Dynamics Canada.

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