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Succeeding in Global Markets


Competing Globally: Canada’s Hidden Success Stories” report coverCompeting Globally: Canada’s Hidden Success Stories

Published May 2014
Canada's competitive advantage at exporting oil and wheat, for example, is well recognized. But what about the lesser-known products? Read about five globally competitive Canadian products that also stand out.

Canada’s “Next Top Markets” report coverCanada’s “Next Top Markets”

Published May 2013
This briefing assesses which non-traditional markets represent the best long-term potential for Canadian companies. It is part of the Conference Board Global Commerce Centre’s Tool Kit for Growth Markets.

Canada’s “Next Top Markets” report coverCanada’s Most Important Future Global Markets

Published October 2012
This report identifies Canada’s top 25 most important future global markets by developing two indexes—Country Potential Index and Canadian Engagement Index—and determining the countries that rank highest on both.

Regulatory Cooperation: A Practical Action Plan

Published April 2011
Canada has much to gain from regulatory coordination with its trading partners, yet there has been little progress made to date. This briefing proposes a pragmatic action strategy for Canada.

Some Plain Talk About Canada’s International Trade

Published May 2010
This briefing summarizes key trends in Canada’s international trade, and it underscores the need to recognize the ways in which Canada’s trade realities are changing.

International Financial Policy Reform and Options for Canada: Think Globally, Act Locally

Published February 2009
This report analyses the causes of the global financial crisis and argues that national financial regulators can do more to ensure that such a crisis is never repeated.

Provide Fair Tax Treatment for Canadian International Business

Published August 2008
This briefing argues that when it comes to tax treatment, Canadian businesses need at least a level playing field for investment abroad.

Adopt a More Strategic Approach to International Trade

Published April 2007
The ideas in this briefing have been drawn from Volume I of the final report of The Canada Project, Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada.


Photo of Danielle Goldfarb speaking
Danielle Goldfarb discusses the impact that tariff elimination under CETA could have on Canada’s key goods exports.

Photo of Danielle Goldfarb and Brent Dowdall speaking
Danielle Goldfarb discusses the characteristics and strategies that have led to past success for Canadian companies in the EU.