Global Trade

Workers and peppers
Zhenzhen Ye on COVID-19: Maintaining food security during the coronavirus pandemic means looking after the health of migrant workers

As COVID-19 spreads, our global food supply is in flux. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization warns that protectionist measures amid COVID-19 could disrupt the global food supply chain, provoking food shortages around the world. .

Op-ed—Zhenzhen Ye, April 07, 2020

Merchandise trade deficit shrinks in February

Although merchandise exports increased in February, the outlook for Canada’s trade sector over the near term is far from positive. The combination of depressed global economic activity led by the U.S., and severe disruptions to global supply chains impacted by the intensification of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaves Canada in a very vulnerable position.

Blog—Doris Chu, April 02, 2020

In the midst of a global collapse in demand for oil, Saudi Arabia, and Russia have embarked on a price war that has brought oil prices down to rock bottom levels—putting at risk many companies in Canada’s energy sector.