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Constructing the Good Life? Promoting Health and Well-Being Through Community Design

  • Monika Slovinec D’Angelo
  • Thy Dinh
  • Chantal Edwards
| Jul 27, 2018

Towards Implementation of National Pharmacare

  • The Conference Board of Canada
| Jun 21, 2018
Read the discussion paper released by Health Canada, along with a message from the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance.

Breathing Easier: Addressing the Burden of Pneumonia in Canada

  • Wenshan Li
| Nov 10, 2017
Pneumonia is a respiratory illness that not only presents more commonly among the elderly, but also among children and those with compromised immune systems. In addition to affecting health and well-being, the disease can also incur huge costs to the health care system, caregivers, and the economy. The annual direct health care cost of pneumonia in Canada will increase to $532.2 million by 2025

Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Behaviour Matters!

| Feb 28, 2017

The Value of Physician Assistants in the Canadian Health Care System

| Nov 18, 2016

Let’s Get Physical: Improving Healthy Active Living for All

| Nov 02, 2016

Home and Community Care Costs: Two Sides of the Affordability Coin

| Oct 07, 2016

Preparing for the Future Care Needs of Canadian Seniors: The Challenges and Opportunities

| Sep 30, 2016

Managing Mobility: Addressing Transportation Needs of Seniors

| Sep 30, 2016

Losing Sleep Over Inactivity Among Canadian Children and Youth

| Jul 25, 2016

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