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The Council on Workplace Health and Wellness offers its members an extensive networking opportunity through three meetings per year. Meetings are held on a confidential off-the-record basis and give members an opportunity to share best practices, exchange information and to learn from leading experts.

Next Executive Sessions

February 27-28, 2020
Ottawa, ON
Meeting Theme: Enhancing the Employee Experience

Are you interested in attending this event as a guest? Contact Charles Boyer for more information.

Past Executive Sessions

October 1-2, 2019
Whistler, BC
Meeting Theme: Better Workplace Conference 2019

May 30-31, 2019
Vancouver, BC
Meeting Theme: Psychological Safety: Intersecting OHS and HR

February 28- March 1, 2019
Toronto, ON
Meeting Theme: The Future of Workplace Wellness

November 1-2, 2018

Halifax, NS
Meeting Theme: The Impact of Cannabis on the Workplace

May 30–31, 2018

Calgary, AB
Meeting Theme: Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace

March 1–2, 2018
Mississauga, ON
Meeting Theme: Changes in Workplace Health and Wellness

October 19–20, 2017
Montreal, QC
Meeting Theme: Peak Performing Workplace Wellness Programs

May 25–26, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Meeting Theme: Designing Jobs to Support Employee Health

March 2–3, 2017
Toronto, ON
Meeting Theme: Problematic Substance Use and the Workplace

Previous Meeting Themes

  • Culture and Technology in Workplace Wellness
  • Aligning and Integrating Health and Wellness Throughout the Organization
  • Time to Look After Caregivers
  • The Healthy Brain at Work
  • The Respectful Workplace
  • Fit at Work: Promoting Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Behaviour in the Workplace
  • “Nudging” Toward a Culture of Wellness
  • Running on Empty: Stress, Burnout, and Fatigue Management in the Workplace
  • Increasing Workplace Productivity with Effective Disability Prevention and Management Strategies

Council Information

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Sarah Storm

Meeting Coordinator
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Charles Boyer

Senior Manager, Workplace Health
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Monika Slovinec D’Angelo

Director, Health
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