Canada’s Telecommunications Industry: Industrial Outlook Spring 2015

The Conference Board of Canada, 12 pages, June 23, 2015
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This report examines the short-and medium-term economic and profitability outlook for Canada’s Telecommunications Industry.

Document Highlights

  • Canadian Economy—The significant fall in oil prices is having widespread effects on the Canadian economy. The resulting slower growth in employment and wage gains is affecting households’ ability to spend more on telecommunications services.
  • Government Regulations—The CRTC has introduced several new policies and regulations in recent years to protect consumers and foster a more competitive environment. However, these regulations could hamper profitability growth.
  • Video on Demand—The industry is gradually adapting to new ways of consuming TV content, with new video-on-demand services launched by Canada’s telecom incumbents. These initiatives will help offset weaker growth in the traditional paid-TV segment.

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