Cybersecurity and Legal Compliance – How to Strike a Balance

The Conference Board of Canada, July 25, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Organizations operating in the critical infrastructure space struggle to strike a balance between the need to dedicate the necessary resources to be compliant with regulations and responding to cyber attacks in real time. Given the ongoing expectation of cybersecurity-related compliance and the additional need to respond to scrutiny of cyber incident response readiness, organizations need to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates risk management, cybersecurity, and legal expertise. While one size does not fit all, this webinar will touch on four key steps that organizations can take to effectively respond to the dual requirement of compliance and overall cyber readiness.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute webinar, Imran Ahmad and Richard Arthurs, will:

  • Provide an overview of the legal requirements for Canadian organizations operating in the critical infrastructure space
  • Explain four steps your organization can take to be compliant with Canadian cyber regulations and ward off cyber attacks
  • Learn about preventive and automated controls you can apply to prevent cyber events and demonstrate compliance with cyber rules
  • Learn how legal privilege can be a tool to shield vulnerabilities uncovered during a risk assessment
  • Create a plan for prioritizing the allocation of resources needed to address vulnerabilities

About Imran

Imran Ahmad is a Partner and National Leader of the Cybersecurity Law Practice at the law firm Miller Thomson LLP (MNP LLP). As part of his cybersecurity, privacy, and data breach practice, Imran works closely with clients to develop and implement practical and informed strategies related to cyber threats and data breaches. He focuses on legal risk assessments, compliance, due diligence and risk allocation advice, security, and data breach incident preparedness and response. He also provides representation in the event of an investigation, enforcement action or litigation.

About Richard

Richard Arthurs is a Partner and National Governance and Risk Management Leader at MNP LLP in the Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) practice. The ERS practice helps clients with enterprise risk management, cybersecurity, data analytics, business resilience, internal audit, forensic investigation, and business process consulting. Richard has developed expertise in many industries, such as utilities, retail, manufacturing, technology, and the public sector. His past roles include being the VP of Risk, Audit and Compliance at AltaLink, Berkshire Hathaway Energy; and the Global Director of Internal Audit and Risk Management for General Mills Inc. Richard is currently the standing advisor to the Audit and Risk Committees of the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA). He is the Sr. Vice-Chair of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Canadian Board; and he is a facilitator of the risk management course for the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), Directors Education Program. Richard is also an active contributor to The Conference Board of Canada’s Strategic Risk Council (SRC).

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