PSE Skills for a Prosperous British Columbia: 2016 Edition

The Conference Board of Canada, 120 pages, December 13, 2016
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What skills and credentials will B.C. employers need in the next 10 years? This report presents findings that will help ensure that B.C. has an educated, productive, and skilled workforce.

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This report presents findings from original economic and labour market analysis using The Conference Board of Canada’s proprietary macro-economic model; a survey of more than 300 B.C. employers; interviews with employers and experts in four major economic sectors in B.C., accounting for more than 50 per cent of the economy, including finance, insurance, real estate; technology; natural resources and liquefied natural gas; and transportation and warehousing; as well as a review of relevant literature and current data.

PSE Skills for a Prosperous British Columbia: 2016 Edition identifies the skills and educational credentials B.C. employers need in their employees today and in the future; the impact of skills gaps on the B.C. economy; and the actions PSE institutions, employers, governments, and individuals can take to ensure that B.C. has a highly educated, productive, and skilled workforce.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1–Introduction

  • B.C.’s Economy Continues to Shine
  • B.C.’s Demand for Skilled Workers Continues to Rise
  • Demographic, Economic, and Technological Challenges
  • Sources of Labour Market Participation
  • The Implications of Changing Skills Requirements
  • B.C. Employers Face Ongoing Technical, Employability, and Leadership Skills Challenges
  • B.C.’s Economic Future Depends on a Well-Educated, Highly Skilled Workforce
  • Project Objectives
  • Report Methodology and Structure

Chapter 2–The Impact of Skills Gaps in B.C.

  • Economic Impacts
  • The Economics of PSE and Work
  • Scenarios
  • Analysis
  • Closing the Gap Through Actions

Chapter 3–The Shape of B.C.’s Skills Situation

  • Employer Demand for PSE-Educated Workers
  • The Educational Profile of the B.C. Labour Force—Past and Present
  • Job Growth in the Last 10 Years
  • Up-Skilling and the “Great Recession”
  • Supply of PSE-Educated Workers in the B.C. Labour Market
  • Wages and the Price of PSE-Educated Labour in B.C.
  • The Demand for PSE-Educated Workers in B.C.
  • Forecasting the Educational Profile of B.C.’s Labour Force, 2016–25

Chapter 4–What B.C. Employers Want

  • Past and Planned Up-Skilling
  • Concerns Over Retirement and Competition
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5–Conclusion: Addressing Skills Needs in B.C.

  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

Appendix A–About the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Industry

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