Developing and Leveraging Innovation Talent within Firms

The Conference Board of Canada, May 13, 2015
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While many factors shape a firm’s capacity for innovation, it is the people within the firm that ultimately determine its ability to successfully innovate. Innovation talent refers to the innovation skills of a firm’s employees and the processes and structures that develop and nurture those skills. In addition to improved innovation performance, firms that successfully leverage their innovation talent see enhanced employee engagement, higher rates of employee retention, and improved employee recruitment.

Webinar Highlights

The Conference Board’s Centre for Business Innovation is presenting a 60 minute webinar that identifies and analyses effective strategies and approaches that firms can use to develop and leverage their innovation talent.

Strategies include:

  • training and development activities;
  • leadership and management practices;
  • workplace culture;
  • and policies and programs that attract, retain, and promote innovative employees.

Examples from innovative businesses in Canada and elsewhere will be used to highlight practical strategies firms can implement to better leverage their innovation talent.

About Douglas

Photo of Douglas WattDouglas Watt is the Director of Research in the Industry and Business Strategy Group at The Conference Board of Canada. Douglas has been with the Conference Board for close to fifteen years and has focused much of his research efforts on skills for productivity, workforce capacity, workplace learning and development, and organizational effectiveness. He has published over 50 reports, case studies, issue statements and articles. Before joining the Conference Board, Douglas worked as a regional planner in the Ottawa Valley, and taught in Japan’s public school system. He is a graduate of Queen’s University (M.Pl.) Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning; and Bishop’s University (BA) Geography and Economics.

About Cameron

Photo of Cameron MaclaineCameron Maclaine joined the Conference Board in October 2013. Cameron is currently working on a number research projects for the Conference Board, including projects for the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) and the Centre for Business Innovation. He is currently contributing to reports on managing and developing innovation talent, the value of PSE-business partnerships, international best practices in PSE, human resource trends and issues in wood manufacturing, and human resources trends and issues in Canada’s agriculture sector. Cameron has also held policy and data analysis positions at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (2013) and at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (2012). His previous research work covered topics on education, innovation, Aboriginal issues, data analysis, food policy, and intellectual property. Cameron is a recent graduate of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa.

About Jessica

Photo of Jessica EdgeDr. Jessica Edge is a Senior Research Associate in Industry and Business Strategy at the Conference Board of Canada. Jessica has authored reports for the Centre for Business Innovation on topics such as managing innovation, developing and leveraging innovation talent, and the innovation capacity of Canadian firms.

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