On the Cutting Edge: Strengthening Management Competencies and Business Success in the Apparel Industry

The Conference Board of Canada, 14 pages, June 18, 2008
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The AHRC’s Management Competencies project—through the Apparel Strategic Planning Program and Apparel Manufacturers’ Strategic Planning Toolbox—has benefited 130 apparel companies by boosting their capacity to do strategic planning and benchmarking.

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Canada’s apparel industry faces intense competition from lower-cost producers abroad. To survive and prosper, it needs skilled managers and owners, as well as a skilled workforce, to help it move away from the mass production of mainstream apparel and carve out competitive advantages in niche markets With funding from Human Resources and Social Development Canada, the AHRC has been working to help industry participants sharpen their competitive edge through its Management Competencies project. This case study looks at how key initiatives under the project—the Apparel Strategic Planning Program (ASPP) and the Apparel Manufacturers’ Strategic Planning Toolbox—have benefited 130 firms by giving them the skills, knowledge, and insights needed to undertake meaningful and structured strategic planning and benchmarking processes.

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