JIll Brich

Jill Birch

Leadership and Team Development Facilitator
Founder and CEO, BirchGrove Inc.

Dr. Jill Birch is a leadership advisor, author and researcher. She is Founder & CEO BirchGrove Inc., where she helps organizations develop individuals and teams to accelerate performance and realize their strategic imperatives. She has been a CEO and member of several C-suites in retail, broadcasting, publishing, education, and marketing. She also worked at Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and the Schulich School of Business where she launched their in-company leadership practice.

Jill has worked extensively to build talent development strategies in complex organizations ranging from Atomic Energy of Canada to American Express and has spoken to 1000s of leaders around the world. Her presentations reflect the human capital concerns we all have today—to achieve organizational goals through leadership development, employee engagement, innovative strategies, and creating the right metrics to measure success.

Jill holds a Ph.D. from Griffith University in Australia where she studied relational leadership and an M.A. from OISE/UT where she researched how CEOs learn to lead and how they learn to learn. She is also a Certified Association Executive.