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All on Board: Comparisons Around the World for Women’s Leadership

Legislative action is increasingly being used around the world to bring more women into the boardroom. Looking at the actions of peer countries helps us better understand international progress on women’s representation. These trends and insights can inform the decisions Canadian leaders need to make.

Online experience  |  8-min read
Focus Area—Inclusion

Trekking Our Trails

Canada is fortunate: It has a vast, well-connected network of trails that weave through built and natural environments alike. Trails provide character and access to cities, boost tourism, contribute to mental and physical health, and help relieve stress on the natural ecosystem.

Online experience  |  2-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Uneven recovery: Provincial Outlook, Summer 2020

Outlook for Saskatchewan and New Brunswick now available. As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, countries mandated lockdowns to slow the transmission of the disease—economic activity ground to a halt. The pandemic-led shutdown in Canada produced a deep and synchronized impact on economic activity across all provinces in March and April.

Impact paper  |  25-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Inflation stalled at 0.1 per cent due to suppressed oil prices and weak demand for travel

Inflation inched up 0.1 per cent in August, matching its growth in the previous month. Suppressed oil prices and muted growth of transportation and other tourism-related prices were the main downward contributors to last month’s Consumer Price Index.

Quick take  |  2-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics