Sandy Coughlin

Director, Occupational Health & Safety
Providence Health Care

Sandy Coughlin is Director, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) at Providence Health Care. Sandy has been with PHC since 1996, all within OH&S. She has extensive experience in disability management and has been an integral part of designing processes which have resulted in both keeping staff at work and returning them quickly wherever possible, resulting in significant savings to the organization’s bottom line. Sandy takes a holistic approach to employee health, including spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellness. She has a particular passion for employee mental health and mental wellness, believing that failure to provide supports, resources and addressing/reducing the stigma, will result in higher sick time, higher long-term disability and an unengaged staff. Sandy strongly believes that if we are effective at both preventing injuries/illnesses and early recognition of and treatment of any issues, we will have a more engaged staff. Happy, healthy, engaged staff equals better patient/resident/client care.