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Power Play: The Business Economics of Pro Sports

Power Play looks at the business and economics of professional sports in Canada. Using economic analysis and statistics, this book defines what is required to make a pro sports franchise work in Canada and why some franchises fail.

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Canada’s North: What’s the Plan?

This book draws on the different viewpoints of three nationally renowned scholars to explore the effectiveness of land use planning in Canada’s North from three very distinct perspectives.

Crisis and Intervention Book Cover


Crisis and Intervention:
Lessons From the Financial Meltdown and Recession

The global economy has emerged from a truly exceptional event—the first synchronized global recession since the Second World War. What’s more, the recession was caused by a financial crisis that was itself unprecedented in scale.

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21st Century Cities in Canada: The Geography of Innovation

In 21st Century Cities in Canada: The Geography of Innovation, the 2009 CIBC Scholar-in-Residence David A. Wolfe examines the social, political, and economic dimensions of Canada’s city-regions, and the way these factors influence urban development and success.

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Red Tape, Red Flags: Regulation for the Innovation Age

Since making and enforcing regulations is at least one-third of what governments do, the author argues Canada should set an annual federal regulatory agenda, like those for taxation and spending.

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Canada by Picasso: The Faces of Federalism

This collection of essays examines the future of Canadian federalism from the distinct viewpoints of the Conference Board’s first three scholars-in-residence: Janice Gross Stein, Roger Gibbins and Antonia Maioni.