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Metropolitan Outlook

The Metropolitan Outlook provides our five-year forecast for 29 Canadian metropolitan areas and comprises two reports. The first report, Metropolitan Outlook Book 1, is published three times a year and includes economic insights into the economies of Canada’s 13 largest census metropolitan areas. The second report, Metropolitan Outlook Book 2, is updated twice a year and analyzes the economies of 16 Canadian metropolitan areas.

Each report is available on our e-Library, either through a subscription or individual purchase. The Metropolitan Outlook provides valuable insights to business and municipal executives, economists, analysts, and researchers.

Metropolitan Book 1

Published: Winter, Spring, and Autumn


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Download the Autumn 2019 Outlook

Published: November 5, 2019 (244 pages)
By: Alan Arcand, Constantinos Bougas, Henry Diaz, Christopher Heschl, Jane McIntyre, and Robin Wiebe

Individual Metropolitan Outlooks for Autumn 2019

Metropolitan Book 2

Published: Winter and Summer

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Download the Summer 2019 Outlook

Published: August 1, 2019 (292 pages)
By: Alan Arcand, Constantinos Bougas, Henry Diaz, Christopher Heschl, Jane McIntyre, and Robin Wiebe

Individual Metropolitan Outlooks for Summer 2019

Metropolitan Areas Covered

Metropolitan Outlook Book 1

Areas covered in the Metropolitan Book 1

Metropolitan Outlook Book 2

Areas covered in the Metropolitan Book 2

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