The Canadian Health Care Debate: A Survey and Assessment of Key Studies

The Conference Board of Canada, 44 pages, May 23, 2012
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A review of the 18 major Canadian studies on how to reform health care identifies 432 recommendations that fall into seven broad themes—with more than half dealing with system management processes, and funding and financing.

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This report reviews 18 of these major studies, looking at the more than 400 recommendations that fall into seven broad themes:

  • system management approaches and processes;
  • funding and financial models; quality and value for money;
  • health human resources;
  • health promotion and disease prevention;
  • innovation and innovative technologies;
  • and access to care.

It examines the proposals for reform, how they were received, their impact, and the areas of consensus and critical gaps and opportunities that need to be explored in future research by the Conference Board’s newly formed Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


The Seven Themes Explored

Media and Public Support for Recommendations

Uptake of Recommendations


Appendix A—Health Care Reform Policy Reports, 1997–2011

Appendix B—Bibliography

Appendix C—Summaries of Recommendations/Areas for Action

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