The Rise of the BRICs: What Does It Mean for Canada?

The Conference Board of Canada, 68 pages, January 11, 2008
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This report—part of the How Canada Performs multi-year research program—assesses the economic performances of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) and how their growth will affect Canada.

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The Rise of the BRICs: What Does it Mean for Canada? assesses the performance of the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) in comparison to one another and to other top industrialized nations. It also discusses the potential opportunities and threats that these countries represent to Canada.

Although the BRICs face social, political, and environmental challenges, they will inevitably continue to play a growing role in the world economy. China and India are the dominant pair of the foursome, and this will remain the case thanks to their large and increasingly better-educated populations, their low-cost labour, and their increasing openness. Canada’s share of BRIC trade and investment remains small. By deepening trade and investment ties with the emerging economies, Canada can exploit comparative advantages and economies of scale.

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