Labour Relations Outlook 2020

What can you expect at the bargaining table in 2020? This report outlines employers’ and unions’ key priorities going into negotiations this year.

Equip yourself with foresight into the top issues impacting the workforce, and how other organizations have approached these challenges. From wages to the impact of technology on employment and beyond—the Labour Relations Outlook 2020 unpacks the key concerns for employers and unions alike, and the ways unions and employers can work together to face upcoming challenges head-on.

This information always plays a pivotal role in setting my labor strategy for the year.


Evidence-based information to guide your 2020 labour relations strategy

The Labour Relations Outlook 2020 brings together data from quantitative and qualitative sources. The report uses data from The Conference Board of Canada’s Compensation Planning Outlook 2020 survey and dialogue from six labour and employer leaders who participated in a roundtable discussion in the fall of 2019.

Some key issues addressed in the 2020 research

Canada’s population is aging. What impact will this have on benefits plans and workforce scarcity?

What are the key workforce issues in 2020?

The gig economy and shifting customer expectations are already playing out in unionized workforces. What impacts will this have on employers and unions?

Technology runs the risk of automating certain roles. Employment security concerns are on the rise. How are employers meeting this challenge?

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