Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Principal and Founder
Williams HR Law Professional Corporation and Williams HR Consulting Inc.

Laura has over two decades of experience providing advice and representation as an HR lawyer. As an entrepreneur, Laura has built two highly respected firms which respectively provide proactive HR law and HR consulting advice designed to minimize workplace law challenges, maximize employee engagement and boost bottom line performance.

Laura is a labour relations instructor at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies in the Human Resources Management Program. In 2018, Laura was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award—Business and Professional Studies by the School of Continuing Studies at U of T.

Laura is also a seasoned workplace investigator, routinely engaged to conduct complex workplace investigations, and is recognized for specific expertise in investigations related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Laura regularly delivers keynote talks on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals and lawyers. Laura has recently launched a podcast for business leaders and HR Professionals called, “We Thrive Forward: Conversations with Laura Williams,” which is available on all major platforms.