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Upcoming Events

The Global Commerce Centre events are open to members and invited guests. Contact us for details on becoming a member.

Global Commerce Centre Members Meeting

November 20, 2018 - Digital Trade, Agenda Forthcoming

Past Events







  • November 2013, Toronto—Beyond the BRICs
  • August, 2013, Webinar—Succeeding in Fast-Growth Markets
  • April 2013, Montreal—Leading-Edge Practices for Fast-Growth Markets
  • February, 2013, Webinar—Walking the Silk Road, a Webinar on Canada’s Changing Trade Patterns


  • October 2012, Toronto—Hot Prospects for Canadian Businesses: South and Southeast Asia
  • September 2012, Webinar–Fear the Dragon? A Webinar on Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Canada
  • June 2012, Webinar—The endgame for the Euro
  • May 2012, Toronto —The Impact of Emerging Markets on Canadian Trade
  • February 2012, Webinar—Milk Supply Management: Origins Significance and Needed Evolution


  • October 2011, Ottawa—Canada’s Manufacturing and Services Trade
  • April 2011, Montreal—Trading in a Digital Economy
  • February 2011, Webinar—Reading the Tea Leaves: The 112th Congress and Canada-US Trade


  • November 2010, Toronto—Attracting Inward and Facilitating Outward Foreign Direct Investment
  • May 2010, Quebec City—Enhancing Canada–EU “Integrative Trade”
  • February 2010, Webinar—Dollar Volatility: Who Should Care?
  • February 2010, Webinar—Re-Energizing Canada’s International Trade


  • October 2009, Calgary—Energy, Environment, Trade and Investment
  • May 2009, Webinar—Canada and the Current International Financial Crisis
  • February 2009, Toronto—The “New” Canada–U.S. Trade and Investment Environment


  • September 2008, Montreal—Global Opportunities, Obstacles and Change for Small and Medium-Sized Canadian Businesses
  • April 2008, Web Conference—Canadian SMEs and Globalization: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?
  • January 2008, Toronto—Is Canada Being Hollowed Out? New Evidence and Best Policy Practices


  • October 2007, Vancouver—Enhancing Canada–Asia Supply Chains for Goods and Services
  • June 2007, Teleconference—Challenges and Success Factors for Canadian Businesses Going Global
  • March 2007, Ottawa—Boosting Canada’s Global Economic Success Through Effective Policy-Making at Home


  • November 2006, Toronto—Canada in the Global Economy: Achieving Sustainable Prosperity
  • April 2006, Ottawa—Inaugural Meeting

GCC Brochure

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“GCC’s regular webinars have provided great professional development for my staff.”

—Christine Little, Assistant Deputy Minister, B.C. Ministry of International Trade

“The Centre fosters engagement between public and private sectors, informed by excellent research, to address challenges and grow Canada’s global footprint.”

—Ailish Campbell, Vice President, Policy, International and Fiscal Issues, Canadian Council of Chief Executives