The Keys to Local Economic Development: Analysis of the Strategies Followed by Six North American Cities

The Conference Board of Canada, 2 pages, May 5, 2017
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To help Quebec municipalities overhaul their approach to local economic development, this report examines the strategies of six Ontario and U.S. cities that have seen remarkable success.

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Over the last three years, changes affecting local economic development in Quebec have compelled its municipalities to look for tactics that fit this new environment. The cities of Boulder, Loveland, Aurora, Charleston, Georgetown, and Waterloo have implemented development strategies that enable them to respond to the demands of globalization and sustainable development. Some of these strategies are universally applicable and provide ideas Quebec’s cities can use in their local economic development efforts. However, the legal framework in which those case-study cities operate is unlike the situation in Quebec: most of the municipalities analyzed in this report have much more room to manoeuvre. If Quebec cities want to use the development tools discussed in this report, they will need to be allowed that same freedom of action.

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