Research by Lucy Alexander

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This report looks at the major corporate governance issues of interest to, and intervention strategies used by, institutional investors around the world today.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 39 pages | August 2001 | by Lucy Alexander
This briefing paper compares corporate governance initiatives in Asia with those underway in other parts of the world and finds the notion of an
The Conference Board, Inc. | 71 pages | January 2001 | by Lucy Alexander, Carolyn Kay Brancato
This report discusses the role of corporate governance before, during, and after a cross-border merger.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 22 pages | June 2000 | by Lucy Alexander
This report focuses on corporate governance issues that dominate the current debate in Europe, particularly how successfully European governance models and practices position companies...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 20 pages | May 2000 | by Lucy Alexander
Organized around key issues, this handbook draws on the experience of seasoned board directors and leading corporate governance experts to tackle the challenges boards face as...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 65 pages | November 1999 | by Lucy Alexander
Are you trying to take your organization's board global? You should. Here's a look at the ways to go about it.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 33 pages | June 1999 | by Lucy Alexander, Sigrid U. Esser
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