Facing the Challenge of Marijuana in the Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, March 6, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana, which has major implications for Canadian workplaces. What makes it tougher for Canadian organizations to react is knowing exactly what to DO and what NOT TO DO. How is your organization going to adapt? What changes will you be making to your alcohol and drug policy?

Barbara Butler, President of Barbara Butler and Associates Inc., shares some practical solutions for Canadian employers. Since 1989, Barbara has helped workplaces across Canada deal with alcohol and drug issues and has also helped employers develop alcohol and drug policies. Barbara has been directly involved as a witness in many key human rights cases on this issue and speaks regularly to national and international audiences. She discusses how organizations can face the challenge of marijuana in the workplace by outlining specific steps to consider in implementing and updating your alcohol and drug policy.

Webinar Highlights

During this 60-minute recorded webinar, Barbara discusses:

  • The latest information on alcohol, drugs and current medication challenges
  • The current situation on medical and legal marijuana
  • Implications for employers
  • Steps to consider going forward including introducing an alcohol and drug policy or updating the current one

About Barbara

Photo of Barb ButlerBarb Butler is President of Barbara Butler & Associates Inc. She has been in assisting private business, as well as governments, industry associations and labour organizations in dealing with alcohol and drug issues in the workplace since starting her business in 1989. She has worked with companies in a wide variety of industry sectors to help them develop and implement alcohol and drug policies. This includes the introduction of company-specific policy statements, as well as communication, education, and training programs. In addition, she has been directly involved in many of the key legal cases on this issue as a witness at human rights and arbitration proceedings. She regularly speaks at national and international conferences, conducts seminars and management briefings, and is widely published on the issue.

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