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Retail Trade

Statistics Canada release showed retail sales edging up a mere 0.1 per cent in April. This followed strong back-to-back gains in February and March, so a slowdown …

Canadian Economics
Blog—5 minute read

Transmission tower and power lines
Powering Down Emissions: Case Studies

Canada-wide, the electricity sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation. As the sector reduces its GHG emissions, it is already playing a ...

Energy & Environment
Report—41 pages

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Building a Culture of Collaboration: Canadians at Work

Learn why organizations are changing their environment to be more collaborative and why only a few can be sure they are achieving this goal …

Human Resources
—30 pages

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Immigration Is Key to Canada’s Growth Strategy

Canada’s labour force is being challenged by its aging population and low fertility rate. We need new sources of talent to maintain high living standards …

—56 pages

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