HR Trends and Metrics: Workforce Planning Practices in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, August 22, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Over the past ten years, The Conference Board of Canada has conducted four rounds of the HR Trends and Metrics Surveys with Canadian organizations benchmarking Talent and Human Capital practices. This recorded webinar presents the survey results pertaining to Workforce Planning Practices in Canada. Where does your organization fall on the continuum of workforce planning practices? Listen to Shannon Jackson, Pedro Antunes and Jane Cooper of the Conference Board of Canada as they highlight key metrics and measures that will allow organizations to effectively benchmark their workforce planning practice.

Webinar Highlights

Data collected through our 2016 HR Trends and Metrics survey allows The Conference Board to provide a unique analysis of where Canadian organizations are on our continuum of workforce planning approaches. HR professionals in Canada’s top organizations have come to rely on Conference Board data as a dependable source of external information to provide a reasonability check of their internal practices, and support business and strategic planning.

During this 60- minute recorded session, you will:

  • Hear the latest results from this important study including key insights about how planning and strategy can be better linked to help Canadian organizations stay competitive.
  • Gain insight from the Conference Board’s Deputy Chief Economist into the current and future labour market forecasts and the implications of current workforce planning practices for Canadian organizations.
  • Explore Conference Board observations about trends related workforce planning in Canada over the past decade including the importance of workforce segmentation, shifting demographics, and the need to plan for diversity.
  • Have an opportunity to directly ask the authors and our Deputy Chief Economist your most challenging questions.

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