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Cyber Security Council

Cyber security incidents and issues dominate headlines globally, creating persistent and pressing challenges for both the public and private sectors. The idea that organizations will fall victim to some form of cyber-attack has moved from a possibility to a virtual inevitability. Building a strong cyber security posture, as well as cyber resilience, is imperative. In this costly and rapidly evolving cyber security environment, exchanging information and best practices is vital. The Conference Board of Canada created the Council on Cyber Security (CCS) to serve as a confidential, multi-sectoral forum where leaders from industry and government can exchange strategic information and insights, share and discuss emerging threats, and establish partnerships to advance knowledge.

While many cyber security forums exist, they tend to be sector-specific and/or highly technical, leaving a critical gap in the current cyber security environment. As Boards of Directors and senior management teams grapple with a rapidly evolving and risk-laden cyber security environment, a pressing need has emerged for strategic-level cyber security insights for leaders. The Conference Board’s Council on Cyber Security fills this gap by providing a multi-sector, non-partisan forum that focuses on the strategic and policy implications of both cyber security and cyber resilience to inform and empower senior executives responsible for these issues. The Council also provides a confidential, collaborative venue for executives to network and build relationships, and to share knowledge across sectors and industries, with the ultimate goal of making Canada a safer, more prosperous place in which to live and work.

Key Objectives

  • Identify emerging cyber security trends and threats that cut across industries and sectors.
  • Provide a foundation for informed decision-making about critical cyber security issues and how they impact organizations and Canadians.
  • Provide a trusted forum for candid dialogue on cyber security issues with business, government, and academic representatives

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