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Human Resources Subscriptions

Human Resource Management Subscription

Indispensable insights into HR challenges. Access over 1,000 reports and recordings on key topics.

Pricing: $4,785

Compensation and Benefits Subscription

Make offers that appeal to candidates and make sense for your business.

Pricing: $4,785

Leadership Development Subscriptions

Organizational Excellence Subscription

The market moves fast. Access the information you need to make sound business decisions.

Pricing: $5,960

Governance Subscription

Board governance matters. Subscribe to research and recordings in this rapidly changing field.

Pricing: $5,715

Corporate Social Responsibility Subscription

Subscribe to access the research you need to make CSR part of your organization.

Pricing: $3,930

Enterprise Risk Management Subscription

Access Canadian research and insights to predict and manage risks at your organization.

Pricing: $3,930

Innovation & Technology Subscriptions

Security and Safety Subscription

Subscribe and gain the insights you need to make your organization more competitive.

Pricing: $3,835

Innovation Subscription

Business must innovate to maintain market advantage. Stay current with the changes in innovation.

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Economic Research Subscriptions

Canadian Economic Trends Subscription

Quarterly forecasts of the national economy with the key indicators needed to guide your business.

Pricing: $3,600

Canadian Long-Term Economic Subscription

Our annual national forecast is mandatory information for your long-term investment decisions.

Pricing: $2,120

Canadian Interactive Trade Forecast

This web-based economic tool lets you to visualize a five-year forecast for imports and exports.

Pricing: $1,375

Provincial Economic Trends Subscription

Subscribe to economic forecasts of the provinces. This sets the standard for provincial outlooks.

Pricing: $5,335

Provincial Long-Term Economic Subscription

Subscribe to our 20-year forecast of the 10 provinces—required input for any long-term decisions.

Pricing: $2,445

Territorial Economic Trends Subscription

Subscribe to economic and fiscal outlooks for each of Canada's three Northern territories.

Pricing: $2,060

Indices Trends Subscription

Find out what Canadians are thinking—business leaders, consumers, and other forecasters.

Pricing: $1,950

International Economic Trends Subscription

The economy doesn’t stop at the border. Subscribe to quarterly world and U.S. economic outlooks.

Pricing: $3,930

Metropolitan Economic Trends: 29 Census Metropolitan Area

Our five-year economic forecast into 29 economies of Canada’s metropolitan areas, updated twice during the year. Canada's only market-by-market forecast of the full set of economic indicators necessary for success

Pricing: $14,415

Canadian Industrial Trends—All Industries

Subscribe to concise analyses and principled conclusions on present and future trends.

Pricing: $13,840

Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability

Predictive and wholistic, this subscription is all about forecasting corporate profitability.

Pricing: $1,950

Composite Leading Index for Canada

Uniquely Canadian economic insights across industries, with reduced risk of false signals.

Pricing: $1,950

Canadian Industry Profiles Subscription

Annual, concise profiles for industries not covered by our Canadian Industrial Outlook Service.

Pricing: $4,870

Canadian Long-Term Economic Trends Subscriptions

Our annual 20-year forecast of the national economy-required input into any long-term investment decisions

Pricing: $2,120

Provincial Long-Term Economic Trends Subscriptions

Our annual 20-year forecast of the economies of the 10 provinces-required input into any long-term investment decisions

Pricing: $2,445

Travel and Tourism Sector Trends

Insightful interpretation and timely communication of travel and tourism trends and forecasts to better understand the tourism sector.

Pricing: $3,835

Canadian Tourism Research Institute – Corporate/Exclusive Members

Receive regularly updated travel forecasts, travel intentions and performance indicators for inbound and domestic travel.

Pricing: $3,175

Outbound Canada Tracking Service

Gain information on the performance of Canada’s outbound leisure travel market. Get access to a series of monthly, seasonal, and annual reporting and other analytical information that offers extensive data.

Pricing: $20,000

Outbound Canada

Gain detailed insights regarding Canadian outbound travel trends and volumes. Get access to a series of monthly, seasonal, and annual reports and other analytical information by global region.

Pricing: $6,000

Public Policy Subscription

Public Policy Subscription

Subscribe to access timely and topical public policy research today.

Pricing: $2,005

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