Making Employment Practices More Accessible for Persons with Disabilities

The Conference Board of Canada, December 11, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Accessible workplaces and employment practices that support people with disabilities are an emerging priority as our population ages and employers seek to support their existing employees and tap into new sources of talent.

Yet people with disabilities are far more likely than the general population to be unemployed or underemployed. Barriers to employment range from negative attitudes and incorrect assumptions about the skills and abilities of individuals, to job application procedures that are often inaccessible or difficult for persons with disabilities to use.

Webinar Highlights

Do you have the tools to make your workplace accessible and fully reach the potential of your current and future workforce?

We invite you to watch this 60-minute recorded webinar on making workplaces more accessible.

It will provide employers with a deeper understanding of strategies and practices for making workplaces truly accessible, approaches to nurture a culture of inclusion and methods for productive conversations around accommodating employees.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain real-life business insights from an employer on their efforts to make their workplace more accessibility for persons with disabilities. This will include their rational for doing so, first steps taken, and lessons learned on this journey.
  • Learn more about how local community partners and services providers that you can use to support accessible employment.
  • Learn about free research and tools that can help you make your organization more inclusive for persons with disabilities.

There are specific benefits that accrue when business invest in accessible business practices. These relate both to tapping into an often-overlooked talent pool of well-educated, highly motivated workers and to expanded product and service markets. The cumulative employment opportunities for people with disabilities that result from adopting these practices will drive better economic outcomes for all citizens.

About Shannon

Shannon Bruce is the Manager of Business Development for the Employment Accessibility Resource Network. EARN is a community initiative, led by United Way Ottawa, that builds partnerships across communities to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It is a coordinated access point for education and expertise on employment, accessibility and workplace inclusion for both people with disabilities and employers. Shannon’s goal is to broaden the network to provide more organizations with the knowledge, resources and the support they need to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Prior to working with EARN and the United Way, Shannon spent over 18 years working at a major financial institution and understands the challenges and opportunities that exist within the employer community when it comes to creating more accessible and inclusive workplace cultures.

About Alison

Alison Proulx is the HR Coordinator with Kinaxis, and has been with the organization for 3 years. She looks after employee onboarding, benefits and the company HRIS. She also helps look after the Autism at Work program. Founded in Ottawa in 1984, Kinaxis is now a global organization serving a broad range of customers in a variety of industries, transforming the way companies run their supply chains and their businesses. Kinaxis has an inclusive, diverse and rich company culture. They will share how this culture has helped them attract and retain talent, and improve their business.

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