Custom Research/Services

The Conference Board of Canada offers a wide range of research services with access to in-depth studies and independent reports on relevant topics. It also offers custom research services from small, short-term research projects to large-scale research investigations.

Custom Research

The Conference Board uses its research expertise to conduct special studies on specific issues to assist leaders.

The National Security and Public Safety team provides independent research and analysis on a wide range of emerging trends and policy issues.

The scope of this work, which is funded separately from membership fees, varies depending on the issue and can be short-term research projects to large-scale research investigations conducted over several months. Results can be for exclusive use, or disseminated to a wide audience, according to the needs of the clients and funders.

Topics recently investigated by the NSPS team include:

  • The 2013 Calgary Flood
  • The role of the private sector in countering terrorism
  • Measuring return on investment for cyber secuirity

Interested in discussing a potential custom project? Please contact the National Security and Public Safety team to learn more.

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For more information on how you can participate in one of our security-related initiatives, or to request a guest invitation to a network meeting, contact:

Deborah Fleck
Senior Manager, Executive Networks