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Executive Networks

Compensation Research Centre

Established in 1976, the Compensation Research Centre (CRC) is one of the Conference Board’s most mature networks. It will provide you with insights to help your organization develop and execute its compensation strategy and practices. Its goal is to enhance the strategic and competitive position of member organizations through a combination of meetings, research, and customized information services. The Centre provides access to knowledge and networking opportunities that are a must for Canada’s compensation professionals.

Council of Industrial Relations Executives

The Council of Industrial Relations Executives (IRC) will provide you with insights to assist you in leading the labour relations function in your organization. Whether your interest is in collective bargaining, managing union–employer relations, or discussing the impact of trends on labour relations in Canada, this council is your gateway to knowledge and networking with other industrial relations leaders.

Council on Workplace Health and Wellness

Creating a healthy workplace is no easy task in today’s demanding work environment. The organizational benefits of a healthy workplace are many—including reduced health-care costs, improved productivity, and increased employee attraction and retention. To realize these benefits, organizations need current information on the most effective tools and resources. The Council on Workplace Health and Wellness (CWHW) offers you a unique opportunity to join a network of committed health and wellness professionals where you can learn from subject matter experts, hear from leading organizations, and share insights with your peers.

Council of Human Resources Executives

The Council of Human Resources Executives is one of the longest standing and most successful networking and learning groups at the Conference Board. For over 30 years, senior HR leaders have come together to explore the trends and issues they deem critical to future success. They learn from each other, from Conference Board professionals, and from external experts.

Strategic Human Resources Management Council

This network is for senior HR executives who lead a government department, agency, or other public service organization such as a hospital or a police force. 

Council for Learning and Leadership Development

The Council for Learning and Leadership Development (CLLD) brings together learning and development professionals to examine and share best practices in corporate learning, human resources, and organizational development. Whether you are sourcing a learning management system, wondering what leadership development programs yield the best results, unsure of how to effectively evaluate the impact of your training programs, or thinking about how you should revise your e-learning delivery courses to improve uptake, the CLLD is the place to find answers.

Council on Inclusive Work Environments

Success in attracting, motivating, and retaining diverse talent requires knowledge of, and commitment to, the principles of inclusion and respect. The Council on Inclusive Work Environments (CIWE) is an ideal forum for professionals to learn about leading-edge practices in diversity, and to share their knowledge and experience with peers. Through regular Council meetings, network dinners, webcasts, and a members-only website, individual concerns are transformed into collective insights. The Council offers a unique opportunity to learn and to bring practical ideas back to your organization.


“The IR Council represents the ‘who’s who’ in the IR discipline. Building relationships with colleagues of this breadth and depth can only serve to enhance all aspects of my work.”

—Alan Bower, Director, Labour Relations, Toronto Star Newspapers Inc.

“The structure of the quarterly meetings, the select injection of external subject-matter experts as speakers, the tremendous networking opportunities, the ability to debate a ‘hot’ HR subject with senior HR Professionals and, finally, the accessibility and responsiveness of Conference Board staff all make for an outstanding experience.”

—Gary Burkett, Managing Director, Human Resources, Federal Express Canada Ltd.

“There are three things [about the CRC] that strike me: the high caliber of companies and individuals who choose to participate; the open sharing and discussion of topical issues and practical solutions to real problems with acknowledged experts; and the professional network that can be developed to offer year-round support outside of formal meetings.”

—Brad Smith, General Manager, Total Compensation, Canada Post Corporation