Updating Our Knowledge of the Insider Threat

The Conference Board of Canada, 28 pages, October 29, 2018
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Is your organization protected from insider threats? This briefing presents six recommendations for organizations to consider for building their prevention and response strategies to such threats.

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The insider threat—any person who has the potential to harm an organization for which he or she has inside knowledge or access, either maliciously or unintentionally—has increased in the past five years. Research indicates that organizational confidence in the ability to respond to insider threat incidents has decreased in the past five years.

In 2013, The Conference Board of Canada published a briefing detailing best practices shared with the Conference Board and the results from a 2012 survey of executives on the evolving insider threat landscape. A series of recommendations was made to help organizations build their prevention and response strategies.

The survey was relaunched in 2017 as the Board revisited this research to see what progress has been made in implementing the briefing’s recommendations as well as what challenges persist. Updating Our Knowledge of the Insider Threat presents the results of this latest survey, and includes six updated recommendations.

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