Building Solutions for Canada’s Future: Summary Report of the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017

The Conference Board of Canada, 58 pages, September 29, 2017
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What is the right formula for protecting privacy and data collection? This report summarizes privacy issues, as expressed at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017.

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The Conference Board of Canada hosted the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017: Building Solutions for Canada’s Future on May 2–3, 2017, to further our overall national understanding of key privacy issues in Canada.

As Canadian businesses strive to compete in a global market amidst rapidly advancing technologies, they seek out opportunities to leverage personal data. At the same time, they must maintain their legal and social licences to operate by addressing data privacy issues and concerns. To proactively position Canada and its businesses for the future, governments and other privacy stakeholders are working with industries to solve current and emerging privacy issues.

Building Solutions for Canada’s Future: Summary Report of the Canadian Privacy Summer 2017 explores artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, which are positioned to be the biggest disruptive innovations in history. Thus, it is necessary for privacy and data science to co-exist using a shared accountability approach.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Background and Purpose
  • Audience and Topics
  • Summit Opening and Stage-Setting
  • Key Take-Away Points
  • Report Organization

Chapter 2—Regulatory Priorities and Frameworks

  • Positioning Canada for Economic Prosperity
  • The Internet of Things and Realizing Meaningful Privacy
  • Data Use Case—Mobility Biometrics and Facial
  • Key Take-Aways

Chapter 3—Trust, Transparency, and Social Contracts

  • Exploring Privacy Expectations and Evolving Social Norms
  • Using Automated Processing and Algorithms to Make Decisions
  • Voice Recognition Applications
  • Finding the Right Social Contract for Trust and Transparency
  • Key Take-Aways

Chapter 4—Data Science and Privacy

  • When the Data Scientist Meets the Privacy Officer
  • Embedding Privacy in Operational Design
  • Wearables in the Workplace
  • Key Take-Aways

Chapter 5—Opportunities for the Future of Privacy in Canada

  • Disruptive Technologies as Tools and Threats
  • Global Markets, Standards, and Competitors
  • IoT and Protection of Personal Assets
  • Building Trust Through Transparency
  • Integrating Privacy Into Data Science

Appendix A—Bibliography

Appendix B—Summit Program

Appendix C—Sponsors and Supporters

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