Household Food Security and Food Literacy

The Conference Board of Canada, May 27, 2014
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Alison Howard, lead author of Enough for Fall: Household Food Security in Canada and What's to Eat? Improving Food Literacy in Canada examines household food security in Canada.

Webinar Highlights

Food literacy—gaps in deficits in Canadians' knowledge and skills related to food can have a negative impact on how they select, store and prepare food. Improving food literacy in Canada will support healthier choices in diet and nutrition and better food skills, leading to improved nutrition and health outcomes. Efforts already underway to address food literacy and food security will be discussed and strategies to alleviate Canada's household food security challenges are presented in this 45-minute session.

About Alison:

Photo of Alison HowardAlison Howard is a lead researcher, author and manager of major research projects in the area of Industry and Business Strategy at The Conference Board of Canada.

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