The DNA of a Winning Culture

The Conference Board of Canada, 8 pages, June 17, 2009
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This briefing looks at the 2009 Leadership Summit held by The Conference Board of Canada and the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA).

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There is an important link between health and safety and productivity. This message emerged clearly during the 2009 Leadership Summit led by the Conference Board and the Industrial Accident Prevention Association. The one-day event brought together some 100 CEOs, presidents, and other senior leaders many of whom are also signatories to the CEO Health and Safety Leadership Charter. Successful organizations, they agreed, are particularly imaginative and innovative when it comes to building and promoting a culture that inspires their employees. They also emphasized that this kind of culture must be driven by senior leaders and must be based on the philosophy that the well-being of employees is the foundation of an organization’s productivity.

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